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A music CV (curriculum vitae) works just like a resume, but with a few differences. While a resume is generally one page in length, a CV can often run two to three pages. The CV provides a more in-depth look at your experience and qualifications, which can be particularly useful for those pursuing music careers in academia. Music CVs are similar to other CVs, except that they focus specifically on music. A properly formatted and well-written music CV can increase your chances of getting the call for a job interview.

Write your name and contact information in the top center area of the page. Include your full name, street address, city, country, phone number and email address.

Write “Education” in bold. In this section, list each school you attended. Put the school name in bold. Also include the city, date of graduation, areas you studied, what degree or certification you achieved. Like the other areas of your music CV, organize this chronologically, working your way backwards so the 3rd year at Josip Slavenski is listed first.

Write “Performances” in bold. In this section, list notable performances, specifying the venue (such as XXX Music Hall), city, date of performance and your role (such as pianist and conductor).

Write “Activities” in bold. In this section, list any professional activities you participate in, such as music organizations, church choirs, music journal editing, symphonies and more. Be sure to mention any leadership positions you hold in these activities and organizations. This shows your drive toward bettering yourself at music and teaching.

Write “Recordings” in bold. In this section, list any recordings you’ve made that have been or currently are available to other people. Recordings you made that aren’t shared can be left off this list. List the title of the project, the date it was released, the producer or recording engineer, a record label if there is one, plus your role on the recording (for example, trombonist).

Write “References” in bold. In this section, list three references. Include their full name, current position (such as Assistant Professor, Department of Music), their employer (such as MS Josip Slavenski) and their contact information, including street address, city and country, post code, phone number and email address.

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Your task:

Write your CV. You don’t have to write all the contact information (for this task only).  Deadline: October 4th.

  1. Ema says:

    I’m outgoing and friendly person. I’ve excellent communication with people.
    I’m a practical and self-conscious.

    I love when I can help someone or explain something.
    I manage good in Photoshop, Corel and other programs for processing images and sound.

    primary school ”Cirilo i Metodije”
    music high school ”Josip Slavenski
    ballet School ”Orchestra”
    gymnastics in sport club ”Partizan”
    I’ve prizes in competitions of mathematics, medals from competitions in gymnastics. I know well the literature, art, film and fashion history. I also have a music awards.

    I was a volunteer at the Universiade 2009 in Belgrade.

    Music, art, films, theater, fashion, travels etc.

    Ema Vejic

  2. Petar Ciric says:

    i dont get it. What shall i write 😀 ?

  3. Bogdan Blagojevic says:


    Bogdan Blagojevic

    Began to study classical guitar when he was 9 years in music school “Petar Ilic“ in Arandjelovac.As a student in “Petar Ilic“, and the elementary school St. Sava,has completely great success(5,00),holder of a “Vuk diploma“ and the student of generation.In the school year 2009/2010 was elected for president of the school parliament.Music education continues in the high school of music in Belgrade “Josip Slavenski“,in class of proffesor Nenad Kondic.In the first two years has a 5.00 success of all musical and general education courses.

    Awards from the guitar won in competitions:

    “Small virtuoso“- Beograd – first award – 2006
    “Republican competition“- first award – 2008
    “Republican competition“- first award – 2010
    “Republican competition“- second award – 2012
    “International competition“- Arandjelovac – first award – 2008/09/10/12
    “International competition“- Nis – first award – 2010
    `International competition` – Subotica – second award – 2010
    “Republican school competition“- Cuprija – first award – 2008
    “Republican school competition“- Senta – LAUREAT – 2010
    Chamber music,duetto “Suonare“- republican competition – second award – 2012 ect.

    ***school competition behind mathematics – second award – 2008***
    ***municipal competition behind mathematics – third award – 2008***

    He has performed in many concerts in:
    Ethnographic museum,library of town Belgrade,house of culture Arandjelovac,Hall princes,House of Youth…
    Expert perfecting:
    Quefei Jang,Hubert Kappel,Aleksandar Hadzi-Djordjevic,Srdjan Tosic,Roberto Fabbri,Vera Ogrizovic,Milos Janjic,Edin Karamazov,Zoran Anic…
    sport – 5 years practicing tennis and recreational play,football,Olympic Games.

  4. Pavle Filipović says:

    Pavle Filipović
    Dimitrija Marinkovića 18, Belgrade SERBIA

    I was born February 2nd 1995. I graduated elementary school “Zmaj Jova Jovanović” and primary music school “Josip Slavenski” in Belgrade in 2010. Now I am 3rd grade in “Josip Slavenski” high school. I ‘ve been playing the guitar since I was 8 years old (I started music school at the age of 9).I also play lute for 4 years.
    I attended a lot of masterclasses with famous professors such as Nenad Kondić, Zoran Anić, Aleksandar Hadži Đorđević, Goran Listeš, Jose Luis Martinez, Dmitrij Ilarionov, Pavel Steidl, Dušan Bogdanović, Oscar Ghiglia, Roberto Fabbri, Edin Karamazov, Denis Azabagić, Srđan Tošić, Goran Krivokapić, Xuefei Yang, Roman Viazovskiy, Thomas Offermann, Costas Cotsiolis.
    My biggest prizes from competitions are: 1st prize Sinaia Guitar Festival 2012, 1st prize Sarajevo International Guitar Festival 2012, 2nd prize Forum Gitarre Wien 2012. I’ve also won four 1st prizes at Serbian state competition(2006, 2008, 2010, 2012). In 2008 and 2009 I’ve won golden award in Split.
    I’ve played on the day of school two times, in 2011 as solo artist and in 2012 as Duo Unico with Petar Ćirić. You can watch some of my performances on Youtube.
    My current professor at “Josip Slavenski” is prof. Dejan Brkić.

    I partygoer and I love to hang out. I easily meet new people.
    I know to sing, and I understand the music that we do best, and I do music since childhood. and I really like to help other people.
    Primary School ” Sveti Sava” in Mladenovac
    Music high school ”Josip Slavenski”
    I trained the football and kick box, and I went to competitions., but it is now my past.

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