Safe trip :)

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Year 3, Year 4
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Safe trip and enjoy the visit 🙂



See you on Monday October 15th 2012

  1. Bogdan Blagojevic says:

    Bogdan Blagojevic


    In the early morning,8. september,we started the trip to Austria.For five days, we met Austria, Slovenia, and we passed through Hungary and Croatia.Each day was filled with visits to attractions, and we had a lot of free time for fun and shopping.
    Only the most free time spent at Mariahilferstrasse,the center of Vienna.
    We were amazed to Belvedere palace and Schönbrunn.Belvedere palace is a complex of Baroque palaces in Vienna.Schönbrunn palace with gardens, maze, zoo is one of the most important cultural monuments in Vienna and extends to a whopping two hundred sixty thousand square meters.
    We also visited the “Prater“ amusement park,which is the biggest and the best in which I’ve ever been.I drove a go-kart and I was on a machine called the black mamba and I survived it, I’ll live all.
    For me, the best place was the house of music,which has four floors,where can virtual conducted the Vienna philharmonic, to know the history of the most famous musicians,instrumentarium,to hear the baby’s heartbeat, etc.
    After Vienna we visited Salzburg.Salzburg is a beautiful little town and the river Salach.We saw Mozart’s house but did not entered because the ticket was expensive.We visited Residenzplatz, most visited street Getreidegase, Mirabell Garden etc.
    On the way back we visited Ljubljana,but we had a little time,so we just ate and visited some shops in the center.
    This was an incredible experience for me.We thank the director of our school, teachers,travel agency and guide Milan.

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